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As a sidepreneur, you may find yourself balancing limited time, financial constraints, and the need for constant motivation while conducting customer discovery for your startup project.



Developers' perception of lacking marketing skills, perspective, and comfort can hinder early traction as it may create hesitation, missed opportunities, and a limited understanding of how to reach out and engage potential customers.



Challenges for startup founders lie in effective skills to validate their assumptions, interpret and act upon data insights, navigate uncertainties, and make informed decisions amidst limited resources and time constraints.

Early Startup Founders


Challenges for solopreneurs stem from the need to possess and execute multiple skills effectively, manage all aspects of the process on their own, handle time and resource constraints, and maintain a holistic understanding of their product and target audience.



Challenges in early traction building for makers stem from a combination of limited marketing expertise, and time limitations.



Challenges for SME owners arise from the need to juggle multiple responsibilities, limited resources, while also possessing the necessary skills to effectively validate hypotheses, and make data-driven decisions to drive product development and customer acquisition.

SME owners


Challenges for a person who runs multiple side projects stem from the need to allocate limited time and resources effectively, prioritize and balance the demands of multiple projects.

Multiple projects owners


Challenges in using incubators and accelerator programs

These programs can provide you with valuable resources, mentorship, networking opportunities, and structured guidance to overcome challenges, and accelerate traction. They, however, pose some challenges for some:

  • Time constraints: Participating in an incubator or accelerator program requires a significant time commitment, which can be challenging for sidepreneurs, solopreneurs, and individuals managing multiple projects simultaneously.
  • High expectations and pressure: Incubator and accelerator programs often have high expectations for growth and progress, which can create pressure and stress for users to meet milestones and achieve results within a limited timeframe.
  • Balancing program requirements with ongoing work: You may find it challenging to balance the demands of the program with your existing business, freelancing work or day job.

Challenges in using structured online course content, mentoring platforms or a coach

Online courses, mentoring platforms, or hiring a coach, you benefit from valuable guidance, expertise, and resources to navigate the challenges of customer discovery. However, they pose some challenges:

  • Dip in Motivation and Self-discipline: Staying motivated and disciplined to complete the courses, actively engage with mentors, or follow through with coaching sessions is difficult to manage alone.
  • Difficulties in Finding the Right Fit: Identifying the most suitable courses, mentors, or coaches that align with their specific needs, industry, and goals is tough.
  • Overwhelm with Options & Information: Navigating through an abundance of information and resources available online, and determining which ones are most relevant and valuable for their unique situation.



Challenge in using unstructured self-learning and trial-and-error approach

Unstructured self-learning and trial-and-error approach offers freedom but lacks guidance, resources, and structured frameworks, posing challenges like limited direction and inefficient resource utilization. More key challenges include:

  • Blind Spot Identification: Difficulty in recognizing and addressing blind spots or gaps in knowledge and understanding, hindering effective customer discovery.
  • Lack of Accountability and Guidance: Operating without external accountability and guidance, which can make it challenging to stay on track and make informed decisions.
  • Motivational Challenges: Facing demotivation and losing momentum without a structured learning environment and support system to provide guidance and encouragement throughout the customer discovery journey.

Unleash the Power of Structured Customer Discovery

We use a mix of principles from customer discovery (get out of the building), lean startups (iterative loop of experimentation), startup engineering (disprove your assumptions), and the business model canvas to uncover your compelling business model, by doing “un-scalable” things to reach out to "ideal" users.

Features of our solution

Manual outreach

Manual outreach enables you to have the ability to craft a custom, personalized message & strategy for each individual prospect.


In co-execution, when you collaborate with people on common goals, there is an explosion of ideas, inspiration, and outside-the-box thinking.

Customized approach

Custom solutions approach to cater to the specific and unique needs of the project.

Stage agnostic

The projects that we work on can be a stage when you just have an idea or to a stage where you have some functional product ready, or, in-between.

Industry agnostic

We work with all kinds of new businesses from any industry, in search of product-market fit. They may be B2C or B2B; entirely online or partly online.

Proven work principles

Certain things like an approach or templates of cold messages or tools are already tested, so you don’t need to spend energy to re-invent them.

Tools & resourses

Access to all relevant tools and resources that empower you to conduct efficient and effective customer discovery

CRM tool access

Effortlessly manage and organize interactions with seamless access to a CRM tool, maximizing your ability to track the discovery progress.


We got three ways to work togethe to get 'ideal' users for your solution, all of them over 6 months engagements.

Traction Insights Building Boost Plan
Or ₹ 4,000
6 Month Engagement
  • Suitable when you are seeking actionable advice to immediate traction challenges and gain quick clarity on specific aspects.
  • We provide resources, guidance and support as you design and execute traction building.
  • 1 One-to-One Mentoring Calls of 30 minutes each week
  • Resources and Tools
  • SOS channel for support
  • Community discussion forum
  • Access to collaboraton tool
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Guided Traction Building Plan
Or ₹ 12,000
6 Months Engagement
  • Suitable when you have a sense of appreciation for a structured process and prefer a measured and paced approach
  • We provide resources, guidance and support as you execute and drive traction building.
  • Access to a weekly master class
  • One-to-One Mentoring
  • Resources and Tools
  • Scheduled progress check-ins and feedback sessions
  • SOS channel for support
  • Community discussion forum
  • Access to collaboraton tool
  • Accountability and Motivation
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Co-Execution Traction Building Plan
Or ₹ 72,000
6 Months Engagement
  • Suitable when you have a sense of urgency and prefer a more dynamic approach to achieve time-bound progress
  • We take a hands-on approach to execute key initiatives along side you, and drive traction building
  • Access to a weekly master class
  • One-to-One Mentoring
  • Resources and Tools
  • Continuous progress monitoring
  • SOS channel for support
  • Community discussion forum
  • Access to collaboraton tool
  • Work side by side with you
  • Tailored guidance and support
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Tailored execution
  • Collaborative brainstorming
  • Accountability and Motivation
  • Flexibility in level of execution involvement
  • Co-running unlimited experiments
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Our Scope of Work Will Cover

Solution Brainstorm

Creative thinking to generate innovative ideas and find effective solutions that play a crucial role in business model discovery

Customer Outcome

Customer Outcome or job to be accomplished is the specific result customers aim to achieve. It's vital in early traction to clarify desired outcomes, address needs, and avoid confusion with pain points.

Competing Solutions

Competing solutions scanning plays a crucial role in behavioral segmentation by identifying different options customers explore to fulfill their needs, which helps in articulating target segments

Behaviorial Segments

Dividing target market based on behaviors. Useful in validation to identify customer preferences and validate product-market fit

Pain Point Articulation

Pain point articulation clearly defines customer challenges, which is crucial to understand customer needs and develop effective solutions

MVP Design

Its important to consider different types of Minimum Viable Products to find the most effective approach for validating product assumptions and gaining early user feedback

MVP Building

Creating a Minimum Viable Product is important to quickly test and validate ideas, gather feedback, and iterate for product improvement

Landing Page Creation

Designing a single-page website to showcase product/service features and capture user interest. Important for driving traffic, generating leads, and testing market before investing in full product development

Ideal Users Identify

“Ideal” users come on board because the pain point that is being resolved with your solution resonates their challenges in using some current alterantative and so its critical to define ideal users

Outreach To Ideal Users

Employing strategic approaches and tactics to connect with identified ideal users, aiming to engage, and convert them into users for the solution

User Management

Ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for new users, guiding them through the platform's features and value proposition, fostering product adoption, and driving engagement

Decoding Engagement

Analyzing user behavior and interactions to understand their level of involvement, satisfaction, and retention. It helps optimize product features, communication strategies, and user experience to drive meaningful and ongoing engagement

Iterate and Repeat

Process of continuously refining and improving a solution through iterative cycles to ensure adaptation to customer needs

Audience Buiding

Strategic process of growing and nurturing a targeted audience for a solution is important for expanding reach, and increasing customer engagement and conversions

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Clients Speak


I needed guidance to get our first users to engage with the platform and start getting some real feedback. Through a cycle of small iterations we found what was our best way to land users faster and that really connected with us. Usage of Skedr has grown to over 15,000 photo shares in 6 weeks.

Enric Bisbe Gil


With the number of things on my plate, its necessary to outsource as much as possible. TractionMate has been invaluable to the growth of my SaaS product. We needed to get people for a beta test and TractionMate went out and got them, even when there was no product yet. We will partner with them for the launch of all our SaaS products.

Adaryl "Bob" Wakefield


Traction mate is like a virtual co-founder that handles marketing and sales. They help you a lot with finding product-market fit. The process is smooth and well setup. They helped me to define message, narrow down market, conduct initial communication and get on board my first 40 signups!

Yura Kriachko

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